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A&D AD-4991 ProteX Xray Series
AD-4991 X-ray Inspection System

A&D AD-4991 ProteX X-ray Inspection Series

Quality control and reporting demands on the manufacturer/grower are more stringent than ever, so too is the demand for superior and reliable inspection systems that satisfy supermarket and industry standard requirements. Our A&D EZI-Check™ range now includes the ProteX™ X-ray Inspection System.

  • Increased consumer protection
  • Brand protection and recall prevention
  • Food safety compliance
  • Advanced Algorithms 
  • Built for more than just containments, we also provide mass estimation, shape detection, and component verification
  • Compact Design 
  • Our equipment is the smallest in class to allow for easy in-line integration with minimal reconfiguration of existing equipment
  • Easy to Read Display 
  • A 15-inch color touchscreen provides users with a vibrant screen for viewing high-resolution imagery
  • Streamlined Product Setup 
  • Minimal inputs from the user makes setup and changeover quick
  • Quick-ship Available 
  • For manufacturers who need product inspection systems within a couple weeks
  • Accelerated ROI 
  • Reject classification allows the operator to see trends in real time and correct issues upstream from the X-ray.
Additional Information:

The ProteX X-ray inspection system provides product inspection functions that cannot be accomplished by metal detection or checkweighing.

Missing Product Detection
In scenarios when the total weight of a product is acceptable, X-ray can be used to visually inspect and reject a product if there is missing product inside the package.
Shape Detection
X-ray can be used to find inconsistencies in products that should be rejected, like broken or incomplete products.
Package Check
In instances where the product shifts during the packaging process, it may be important to check the seal of the product.
Products with clips and oxygen absorbers can be masked to check for presence and avoid a false detection.
Power Source 240V AC mains
Water-proof rating IP65 Splash proof
Properties Stainless Steel Construction and 7in Touch Screen Display
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