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Marel - M1100 Marine Scales
M1100 Marine Scale

Marel's M1100 On-board Marine Scales

The M1100 series of accurate and very fast grading and packing scales is designed to meet the needs of on-board processors. Available in several versions, the M1100 can operate as a single or dual-range scale.


  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Capacitance Keypad
  • Dual Range Capacities
  • In Motion Calibration
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating

  • M1100 Portable scale, 1.5/3kg 0,5/1g
  • M1100 Portable scale, 3/6kg 1/2g
  • M1100 Portable scale, 6/15kg 2/5g
  • M1100 PL1000 170x250mm, 1.5/3kg 0.5/1g
  • M1100 PL2020 246x296mm, 1.5/3kg 0,5/1g
  • M1100 PL2020 246x296mm, 3/6kg 1/2g
  • M1100 PL2020 246x296mm, 6/15kg 2/5g
  • M1100 PL3020 296x396mm, 6/15kg 2/5g
  • M1100 PL3020 296x396mm, 15/30kg 5/10g
  • M1100 PL4020 400x550mm, 30/60kg 10/20g
  • M1100 PL5020 500x600mm, 30/60kg 10/20g
  • M1100 PL5020 500x600mm, 60/150kg 20/50g
  • M1100 PL5020 500x600mm, 150/300kg 50/100


M1100 PL1000

  • Platform size: 170x250 mm / in 6.7x9.8 in

M1100 PL2060 Portable

  • Platform size: 242x292 mm / 9.5x11.5 in

M1100 PL2010 - PL2020

  • Platform size: 246x296 mm /9.7x11.7 in

M1100 PL3000 – PL3020

  • Platform size: 296x396 mm / 11.7x15.6 in

M1100 PL4000 – PL4020

  • Platform size: 400x550 mm / 15.7x21.6 in

M1100 PL5020 – PL6050

  • Platform size: 500x600 mm /19.7x23.6 in

Power Source 240V AC mains
Water-proof rating IP67 High protection
Properties Full Stainless Steel Construction Motion Compensating System

Marel - M1100 Marine Scales

Marel - M1100 Marine Scale Brochure

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